Graduate Writing Lab Consultations - Online via Zoom

Click on any time to make a booking. Appointments are held online via Zoom with video chat and screen sharing. One-on-one consultations are 50-minute sessions.
Current UVA Engineering graduate students (Masters and PhD) and postdocs are eligible to have up to 2 50-minute GWL appointments per week. A given paper can be consulted on a maximum of 10 hours, across all consultations, regardless of the number of authors bringing the work.

During your appointment, we can discuss your work at any stage of the process from ideas and outline to the final draft. We can look at your writing (including journal articles and dissertation chapters), poster or presentation. Given the length of the appointments, we probably cannot take a detailed look at everything in a full article, so feel free to bring your work in sections or stages (methods this week, results next week etc.). You can choose to focus on a number of different aspects such as clarity and coherence, the development of your argument, improving the flow of your work, strengthening your structure or organization, being more concise or making word count, or improving your visuals.

More consultations are offered face-to-face at the GWL, bookable online here-

You can also make an appointment with Kelly via email or Slack for help thinking through your writing plan for your dissertation or other large project.
Please note that while you are encouraged to bring your research writing, commenting on the rigor of your study or your methodological choices is best left to your advisor or supervisor.

At this time, the Graduate Writing Lab does not offer rewriting, writing, copy-editing or proofreading services for graduate students or postdocs. The objective of the Graduate Writing Lab is to help you grow as an independent professional writer, rather than proofread for you. We can work with you on strategies for editing your work.

Don’t see a time that works?
Appointments will only show 5 weeks before to 12 hours before. If you are looking beyond 5 weeks, the schedule will show no availability. If you are looking for the same day, it will show no availability.
Not seeing what you need or need a same day appointment? REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT here. Specify if you are looking for a face to face or zoom consultation or with a specific client.